Pet Dental

Good oral hygiene is one of the simplest ways to maintain your pet's overall health. Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery. We have a fully equipped dental suite with in house digital dental x-rays to fully evaluate your pet's mouth.

Not only can proper dental care add two to four years to your pet's life, but it will also help ensure your pet leads the best life possible.

If left untreated, dental disease can not only be painful and inhibit proper nutrition, but it can also lead to serious systemic issues that may threaten your pet's health before symptoms are noticeable. For example, oral bacteria that enter the bloodstream can damage your pet's kidneys, heart or liver.

Despite the importance of proper dental care, dental disease is often overlooked by many pet owners across the country. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats develop tooth and gum disease by the age of three.

Simply stated, veterinary dental care is an important piece of your dog or cat's preventive health care program. It will not only prevent dental and systemic disease, but in also help minimize the lifetime cost of care for your pet.


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