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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is finally here and we are lucky to be in a place like Scituate with its beautiful beaches. With the summer comes some added dangers for pets. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy the season. Here are some tips to make sure your pet stays healthy in the warm weather.

Heat stroke can happen quickly and easily in the hot summer months. It can be fatal. Certain breeds, like bulldogs, pugs, and Persian cats are more at risk due to their anatomy. The good news is that it is preventable in most cases.

Try to avoid the going out during the warmest times of the day.

Use caution with exercise on hot, humid days. Always bring plenty of water.

Never leave your pet in a parked car. Temperatures can rise dangerously high quite quickly, even with the windows cracked open. On an 85°F day, the interior temperature of the car can rise to 120°F degrees in 30 minutes.

Try to walk your dog on the grass or dirt roads. Hot pavement can burn the pads of the feet on hot days.

Supervise your dog around water – not all dogs are good swimmers.

If your dog gets anxious with storms or fireworks, make sure they have a safe, escape-proof, quiet, sheltered area of your home to wait it out. Many dogs get anxious with loud noises and more dogs go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. If you are worried that your dog may have a bad reaction to fireworks or storms, give us a call. We can discuss techniques to reduce your pet’s anxiety and even discuss the possibility of anti-anxiety medication for severe cases, if medically appropriate.

If you think your pet may be experiencing any signs of heat stroke, which include panting heavily, listlessness, vomiting, or collapse, call us immediately at 781-545-0952.


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